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Our Story

Our Background

Having years of experience launching successful eCommerce after the dotcom bubbles, Gerald Ming turned his experience to help eCommerce to scale through paid advertising using Facebook ads and SEO. After successfully scaling more than 150 eCommerce businesses in the last 8 years, Gerald realized the shift of technology and evolution of consumers behavior. and adapt to new technology, the user sales cycle are becoming more complicated That’s where Gerald met Mike, a Software Consultant that advises early-stage tech startup in Melbourne. Being a problem solver with technology, Mike and Gerald started SimpleChatbot to solve a big problem in eCommerce.We know clearly that the key to improving eCommerce sales is through “communication”.

The Problem
with eCommerce

Most eCommerce relied too much on paid traffic to scale in the past and it’s becoming too hard to optimize for better conversion rate, average order value, and lifetime value.

In the past, most eCommerce have to hire expensive marketing consultant just to increase their average order value but yet, the results are merely significant enough to justify for the investment.

Even worst, marketing consultant that specializes in such optimization is extremely hard to find and results are not guaranteed.

How we wanted to
change eCommerce

Our very first chatbot MVP is simple, it was deployed based on a good brand foundation which is connecting the user to the brand story.

Within 20 days, we actually captured about X sales with X conversion rate, without actually ramping up any ads budget for Facebook or Google Ads.

This literally means for eCommerce that are doing $X / month, this is additional $X revenue without any much effort.

We strongly believe that by connecting users to the brand and product story, will influence the sales cycle and we are confident that SimpleChatbot will revolutionize how eCommerce improve conversion rate and improve sales.